Friday, January 28, 2005

the weather is conspiring against me

Well, I've got all the food at the house to have the GTG of the GSFL tomorrow.
Since I have actually cleaned house and bought food, it now looks like the weather is going to dump freezing rain on me and prevent anyone from coming. The forcasts have changed to say that it won't start until tonight now instead of this afternoon but that won't help me any. I need it to change till after the GTG!

I've been cold all day at work. In the past this wasn't a new feeling to me. While living in Pennsylvania, I was cold from September through April every year. I used to get cold when the temperature dropped below 70. Since the surgery though, my body temp has actually been a degree warmer that it used to be so I haven't been getting cold till it dropped below 40's. Today of course is in the 30's and expected to go into the 20's. I think I could even handle that if it weren't for the 15-25 mile an hour winds that are just driving the cold right through me.

The boss has the heat going full blast but every time someone comes in to the office the cold wind blasts through the office and tries to freeze off any lumpy parts! I've been drinking lots of hot tea and thinking of buying a space heater for under my desk.

Hope you guys are staying warm!


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