Wednesday, February 23, 2005


First, I should say that I had an absolutely fantastic day on the 19th. The perfection of the day was only marred twice by my tummy but I can ignore that. The time with friends and the money spent at Norwood's Nice and Hobby Lobby were the perfect way to kick of my 29th b'day.

Sunday was spent in complete indecision. Do I stitch or do I make fobs? If I stitch, what do I stitch? So many things I want to start. There are the Tw's and DD's that I bought but there are also the 3 mermaids sitting in my stash that I had special ordered fabric for. Then there are all those freebies that I got... sigh...

Monday was spent in complete agony. When I was drugged out of my gourd on percocet so I didn't have to feel pain, I was crying in pain. I hate my back.

Tuesday was spent much in the same way as monday.

Today was my first physical therapy appointment. After some feeling around and see how far you can move this way tests, the therapist sent me for an ultrasound. Turns out that I didn't hurt any disk after all but I did twist my spine. There are these little spikes that stick out of your vertebra toward the back.... well two of mine aren't pointing toward the back at the moment so 2 of my nerves are being pinched and grinded as the vertebra try to twist back into the right position. I got given some exercises and two more therapy appointments for next week. He also put this thing on my back that feels like there are little needles stabbing me all over even though I know that wasn't what was going on because I thoroughly inspected the device for needles before he got near me with it. I did feel much better this morning and was actually pain free for a couple of hours but now that I sit here typing, the pain is coming back. There isn't anything to do here at work. The boss won't go home. I'm so tired that I may fall asleep sitting in the chair even if the boss is here. Hope the next 2 hours goes by quickly or I'm not gonna make it!


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