Friday, February 11, 2005

what a week

I did go home and sleep on Friday night and most of Saturday but on Sunday, the housework demanded attention so I picked up a little, started the laundry and then set out to clean the litter boxes. Looking back, this was the big mistake that I made. I emptied them out into the waste can, then took them out to clean them outside with the water spigot. No problem there. The problem occured when I tried to take the trash out with 40lbs of litter in it. I ended up doing something very wrong with my back.

I managed to finish cleaning the boxes and getting the laundry done but then I was forced to take a pain killer. When I woke up monday, I couldn't even walk so Dh called me in sick and made an appointment with the doc.

By Tuesday morning, I was thanking God that I had painkillers left over from my surgery. The doc took exrays and told me that I either tore the muscle or hurt one of the discs in my back. He gave me some muscle relaxers and told me to wait it out a couple of days and see how I was feeling. If I was still hurting real bad, he'd order and mri to check my discs. I had also managed to catch the flu by this point from DH and had started medicine for that too.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday in a drug induced fog but the cats were very happy to have me home in bed.

This morning, I dragged out of bed to go into work so that I wouldn't feel guilty about having people over on Saturday. The flu bug is gone and I'm feeling better there but the back is still giving me twinges here and there so the GSFL get to come to a GTG with a fuzzy Ginny. It should still be fun though!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone again even if I am a little loopy. I have to stop by the store tonight and buy some milk, bread, tomato, lettuce and cheese so I can get everything ready though. Dh said he'll clean up while I make mousse so I won't have to do any lifting (YEAH)


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