Monday, February 14, 2005

I love GTG's

I had a lot of fun on Saturday. The morning started off with some cooking since I made chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse. I also brewed up a batch of hot chocolate thinking that it might be enjoyed on a cold day.

Angela was the first to arrive so I got to meet her for the first time and I'm really happy about that. Next came Valerie. I always love when she visits. Of course her arrival was Mischief's chance at escape! Thankfully Angela and Valerie managed to find her hiding in the next building over and Valerie actually managed to pick her up! I thought she was very brave! Then Chris came and the rowdyness started as it tends to do when you get more than 2 or 3 cross stitchers together. We were later joined by Erin and then Jen, who I met for the first time. I had a wonderful time eating and chatting and seeing all the pretty work from everyone else! I was very happy for Erin since it was some stolen time away from motherhood which I'm told is a wonderful thing. I also love talking to her and hearing about the baby so that helped.

My cats decided to provide entertainment that I hadn't planned for. Smokey did his best to go home with Angela. He tried crawling in her coat and when he wouldn't fit there he made several attempts to climb into her purse! When he wasn't trying to do that, he was sniffing her with great interest. I think my little boy is in love! Mischief of course pulling the freedom escape only to be caught. She then told us vocally for the rest of the day that if we wouldn't give her food, then we could at least let her back out or move the darn stick! Spike in true spike fashion hid in the bedroom under the covers the whole day. Dh says that we have named him wrong because a cat named Spike should not be afraid of EVERYTHING!

I didn't realize how tired I was till everyone left and I tried to do the dishes. I finally gave up and went to bed.

Sunday, I was a lay-about and stayed in bed till 11:30. Dh and I then went out to buy lunch and cat food and books. Then back home to tackle those dishes that I had ignored the night before. We then spent the evening being lazy in between loads of laundry.

Monday (today) I got to work and the heater had quit. It took the boss till almost 11 to fix it so I spent a good 2 1/2 hours being cold and wishing that I had taken DH up on his offer to stay home since Mischief had kept me up all night (I think this was revenge for not giving her food or letting her out on Saturday).

While the boss worked on the heat, I surfed the boards and saw a lovely pic of the new TW and Dragon Dreams patterns. I've been bouncing ever since and hoping that this Saturday comes very quickly! I've been searching my brain to see if I know anyone that owns a reliable van so that we only have to take one vehicle to Rome for Nashville day. Taking two cars not only splits us up so that we can't talk as much as a group but it also runs a risk of losing the second car and that would be bad. I would rather borrow one and just buy gas than rent one.


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