Friday, March 11, 2005

Productive Day

I'm having a good day so far and it's only half over.

I found a mistake in Sewing Seeds last night and had to rip out several rows of stitching which agravated me. I did however manage to finish it today so it is all done and ready to show off for tomorrow.

I had physical therapy this morning with the good therapist this time. He really gave me a workout this time though. I worked up more of a sweat that I do with my normal workout! He ended up with a cold pack to accompany the electrodes instead of the heat pack cause he said I looked warm enough already. My back felt really good when I left but my legs were a little jello-y.

I've managed to make 8 fobs while sitting at work this morning cause it's so slow. I'm to the point where I need more clasps though so I may have to stop on those for today. I did bring TW knotwork bookmarks 2 in to work with me today so I may start another one of those.

Tonight, I'll be putting together spiders while I wait for the batches of banana bread to cook.


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