Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Stitching along

I managed to get all of the cross stitch done on sewing seeds last night. I'm now working away on all those specialty stitches but they are going pretty quickly.

DH and I went to the store last night to buy eggs and bananas. I'm planning on making banana bread to take to the GTG. I'm gonna make some plain, some with pecans, and some with walnuts. DH says I'm nuts to make this much but I love to bake so that's not a problem. I bought a no bake cherry cheesecake too that I'm debating putting together. I've been craving some of it and DH won't eat it so it seems a shame to waste a whole one when I only want one piece.

Parents wanted to take us to dinner this Saturday. When I told them that I couldn't go, my dad was floored. He couldn't believe I actually had plans to do something. In a way, I can understand. For the first 5 years that we lived here, DH and I have basically been home every weekend doing nothing because we didn't have the money or friends here and we didn't really try to make friends cause we weren't planning on staying here long. We've been here long enough to make friends whether we meant to or not now though so we have things with them, like the stitching GTG this weekend for me and DH is talking about going to the pervert's to spend some time with him since he hasn't seen him much since he got married. We've also been here long enough that we actually have some spending money now so we can go out on the weekends and do things with or without our friends which is very nice. Dad was upset cause Mom had Saturday off but not Sunday. I told him that we could do it Sunday after she got off work if he wanted that way she got a nice meal after work or we could put it off for another weekend but that DH and I usually have something to do almost every Saturday.

I'm wanting to make another trip to Norwood's. After recieving a package yesterday from Norwood's, I definately need to straighten out something. When we were there for Nashville night, I placed an order for a pattern she was out of and some silk floss that she didn't have too. A friend placed an order for a pattern too. When I recieved my package yesterday, my friend's pattern was in with mine and I got charged for it. It wasn't enough money to hurt me but I don't want her to continue billing me for other people's patterns. Plus this time getting the pattern to my friend won't be hard since I'll be seeing her this weekend but I'm sure she would have appreciated having her purchase yesterday like I did.

Well I'm off to see what today is going to bring. It should be pretty dull. My coworker is late today cause of a doctors appointment. I think I finally found someone who goes to the doctor more than I do considering this is her second appointment this week but to different doctors.


Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Can't wait to taste your baked yummies this weekend!

Was it TW's Knotwork Bookmarks I that she included? If so, let me know what I owe you for the shipping on it. The pattern was pre-paid so *please* let me know if she charged you for the pattern.

1:11 PM  

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