Friday, April 01, 2005

please say it's Friday!

Sorry about dropping out of sight on you guys. I've been laid up with the head cold from hell for the last two days. I've dragged myself back into work today cause I must make money.

I've managed to get Griffin Kitten up to 40 hours and I've finished all the greys and browns of the body so I only have the blues, reds, yellows, and greens of the wings to go. I will definately be making my goal of finishing before the 16th of this month.

My DH asked if we had gotten any pranks at work today and I told him no. After thinking about it for a minute, I wondered why anyone would even want to try to prank their insurance company. I mean, if you file a claim as a prank, your insurance either goes up or you get into trouble for filing false claims so you wouldn't want to do that right?

He said the people around his office have done a few things, like sending an email saying there was free food in the breakroom when there wasn't and putting post it notes on the bottom of the optical mouses to stop them from working.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous April Fool's Day and that the pranksters out there are enjoying themselves too.


Blogger Elfinlady said...

Hope you're feeling better. Scarlett and I have had that cold too. Griffen Kitten is looking great!

6:35 PM  

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