Friday, April 08, 2005

Griffin Kitten is finished

Griffin Kitten

It took a total of 67.5 hours over 21 days and I got $210.00 in store credit. Not bad for my first commissioned model piece right?

On the life news, my dad called last night and said that he wants to take me car shopping on Saturday morning to which I replied "I'm not looking for a car". He explained that he wants to buy me a car so that DH and I will have 2 cars again. I told him that it was too big of a gift and he told me that he considered it payment for us teaching him how to use the computer to get a start on his appraisal business. I told him that we would show him how to use the computer and that we didn't need payment. He won't listen.

I don't want to take a car from him. I'm a 29 year old adult and I've been on my own for 11 years now and I've been working and earning my own way for longer than that. If I wanted a second car, I would go buy one. I have a completely clear credit car that I could put it on. DH and I have decided to wait until we pay off the Nissan before we get another car so that we'll only be paying on one car at a time. We don't want to pay the extra insurance right now either. We're putting every spare penny toward bills so that we can get them payed off so that when we start trying to have kids next year, I can be a stay at home mom while they are small.

The other point that I can't make to my dad is that if he gives you something, he constantly reminds you that HE did it for you when he's drunk (which is more often than I like). He also likes to tack on that we wouldn't have been able to do it without him (which we could have) and that he takes care of us (not hardly).

I've also learned that my brother is getting booted out of the Marine Corp and put on permanent disability. They've been unable to fix his back so he no longer fit for duty and he's unable to work at any kind of physical job. He says that he and his fiance (argh) are going to come down here and live with mom and dad until he can find a job and get a place of their own. I love my brother dearly but he can't manage money so I know that my mom and dad will contstantly be needed to give him money while he's near.

It's amazing how much you can love, hate, appreciate and find fault with your family all at once.


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