Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Do I really look like a large woman in her 60's

It's 9:30 in the morning. I've already been told by 2 different people that I didn't give them correct info. Both people dealt with J and not me. I don't understand how they are confusing the two of us. I'm 29, blond, size 16 and irish. J is in her 60's with dark black hair. She is much larger than I am (I could wear one of her pant legs as a skirt). How are they mistaking me for her?

The only thing that I can think of is that since I've been here for so long (started Feb 98) people think that if they talked to a woman, it must have been me.

I'm not sure which is more insulting... being asked if I'm pregnant or being mistaken for a woman who is over twice my weight and age. *shrug* At least they aren't confusing me with my 67year old male boss.

I'm very excited about this weekend. On Saturday, Maria and I are going to Norwood's. While there, I'll be handing over Griffin Kitten and recieving lots of stash in return. The money I got from Griffin Kitten was enough to buy all the charms, beads and Kreiniks for all 7 of the Mirabilia mermaids. Deepest Love is going well and I should have the tail stitched up by Saturday morning. Maria and I will also be taking a Hardanger class. I've been teaching myself but I wanted to take the class to make sure that I'm learning correctly and it's going to be so much fun to be able to spend time with Maria before she leaves us for the great white North (PA). Sunday, it looks like I'll be hanging out with Angela for another fun day of stitching and girl talk and Maria may be able to make it to that for a little while too.

I love my husband but I've really missed girl talk. I think that's one of the reasons I've became such fast friends with the stitching group down here. Not only do we have common interests but I've been starved for girl talk too. I didn't realized I missed it until the first gtg that I went to which was ironically at Maria's. I love knowing lots of people in the Atlanta area now and it so fun when they call or email me to see if we can gtg for something. I love the big gtg more cause I get to see everyone but the small ones are great too cause you get to catch up with the individuals a little more. I can't wait to hear Maria's moving stories and Angela's new job stories :) (no pressure guys)

Next Saturday, I think that Dh and I are gonna head to the GA ren fair. I'm excited about going and it'll be nice to see Valerie's husband and son in costume and maybe I'll even get to say hello to Valerie if she's not too bogged down with her assistant director duties.


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