Monday, April 18, 2005

Oh Happy Weekend

Saturday started out very early for me with us leaving the house around 7:30am to head to Maria's. I managed to get lost on the way, so I called Maria and she talked us while we headed the last few miles to her house. We then headed to Rome. We arrived at the store a little before the class started so we were able to look around a little and talk to Susan for a while.

Class started with the buttonhole stitch which everyone hated. We worked on it for 2 hours and then broke for lunch. I was a little frustrated at this point because so many of the other people in the class kept asking me why I was there since I had already done some beginner pieces of hardanger. I told them that I was there for clarification that I was doing the stuff the right way but they kept poking at it. Maria kept me sane though since I was able to spend the extra time helping her get the hange of stuff. The lunch was a little rough so I didn't eat much. After lunch we moved on to cutting the fabric, wrapping bars, and doing dove's eyes. I did learn that I had been doing the dove's eyes wrong. I was also very pleased with how easily Maria got the hang of wrapped bars and dove's eyes.

After the class, I spent all my store credit on bead and treasure supplies for the mirabilia mermaids. I also picked up a chart from Enchanted Lair called Be the Dragon.
Maria wasn't feeling well so we then headed back to her house. On the way to her house, I started to feel poorly as well so after a quick hello to Antonia, we headed home and Maria headed to a drugstore.

When I got home, I sat on the couch and stitched for a while and then headed to bed cause my stomach was just upset.

Sunday morning, we got up at 8am and started picking up and cleaning the living room since I knew Angela was coming over and that a couple of other people might stop by too. We spent 2 hours cleaning and got the front of the apartment looking nice. I then sent DH to the store for drinks and ice. Angela showed up around 11am and Cris was far behind her. I then sent DH out for pizza cause I had a craving. We spent the afternoon talking and stitching and Cris even managed to put a few stitches into her neverending project. Cris left around 2pm so she could get home in time for her DH to go to class. Angela and I continued to hang out and stitch till almost 8pm. She managed to get over halfway done on her project.

DH's friend Mark stopped by with his wife and son and took DH away for a while to go to comic shops. They returned a lot quicker than I thought they would because Mark's son had fallen and hurt his head. They hung out for a while with an ice pack on the kid's head and Mark's wife picked up her son from her ex. Once she came back with him, the two boys got a little out of hand and loud. I was very grateful to see them go so I could get back to stitching and talking to Angela.

Overall it was a very nice weekend. I need to take a progress pic of Deepest Love tonight. I managed to finish her tail and all the kelp and now I'm working on her scarf.


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