Monday, April 25, 2005

Ren Fair fun

I had a blast at the Ren Fair on Saturday. We saw lots of shows (sword swallowing, birds of prey, hack and slash, battle of the sexes, jousting, battle chess). I enjoyed every one too. We didn't go on any rides but that's okay. I took a chance at dart throwing and DH tried his hand at knife throwing. We wandered through all the shops and by the time I left I had a complete outfit (dress, corset, hat, necklace). The only thing I didn't get was shoes but I have some at home that will be perfect for our next trip.

I've also decided that I'm gonna stitch up the dragon dreams birthstone dragons for DH and me and sew them into little money purses. I'll make mine to attach around my wrist and DH's to attach around his belt. I tried very hard to get DH into a costume but he just wouldn't do it. Don't you guys think he'd look great in a muskateer or pirate costume?

He did get called in by the swords though. We wound up going home with an excaliber sword and dagger and with an axe that split in the middle to reveal a sword. The best part was that we only spent $70 on the weapons which I'm ashamed to say was less than my dress alone.

The store that we got the weapons from was a pirate store near the jousting arena. The store has an auction at 4pm every day where they let things go at very low prices. We got the ax during what they call "trust the pirate". They say the amount they want ($15 in our case) and you put your hand up if you are willing to pay the amount without seeing what you are getting. We had watched them play a round at $10 and saw some awesome things given away so we played during the $15 round and made out beautifully.

The only bad part about the trip is the horrible sunburn that both DH and I recieved. I didn't realize just how badly we burned until we woke up on Sunday. I was sick all day and poor DH has a few blisters on his forhead. I burned on my neck, chest face, and shoulders. DH only burned on his face but his seems worse than mine. I will definately remember the sunscreen next time!

I also got to see valerie. She sat with me while I watched Battle chess and while we watched Robin and Maid Marian get married. She looked like she was having a lot of fun even if she was working.


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