Friday, May 06, 2005

Thank God Friday is over!

Normally I love Fridays. Today was aweful though. Boss's sister has taken upon herself to decide that since the agent that boss is going to be sharing an office with is paperless (no paper back up files) that we need to go through all the files and enter everthing into the computer. The boss said he was going to hire people to do that after he moved but his witch sister has decided that we should do it before he moves so he won't have to move the files and why should he hire people to do it after when he has me for the next three weeks.

I hate data entry. Granted, I'm good at it and I type fast and have a very good visual memory so I don't have to keep looking at things as I type. I can glance at a ss# or driver's lic # and remember it long enough to type it in. But I hate doing it. This is boring, tedious, mindless work.

I have an online class that I'm in the middle of that I would like to finish but Noooooo, boss has decided that sister is right and data needs to be entered now while he's got me working instead of hiring a temp. We have 2100 customers some of whom have been with this agent since he opened his office in 1971. This is a lot of data. I worked all day today and only made it through the letter G in the alphabet. *yawn*

I'm also supposed to address, fold, and stamp 2100 letters to mail to our insured's to let them know that the agent is moving. Yeah, this will be a fun 3 weeks. NOT!!

The most aggravating thing about all this is that I have been asking for 6.5 years if we should be doing this as well so we wouldn't have to stop and pull a file to look something up but the boss kept telling me no. I could have had all this done by now by just doing an hour or so a day instead of a straight 8 hours of this junk till it's done.

This too will pass. I will survive.

Sorry to have turned in to such a complainer during the last few blogs.

I'm gonna spend this weekend relaxing at home and buy some new books to read. I'm working on Baroque now but don't have much done. This a very small cross stitch though so I should finish it this weekend.

I'm looking forward to next weekend too cause Mom and I are going to go the Ren fair. I don't know if we are going on Sat or Sun yet though. It depends on what day mom has off and Sam's club hasn't let her know yet.

I'm also feeling much better healthwise. As much as I hated that surgery, it has improved my immune system. I've not been getting sick as often and I'm not staying sick for as long. Case in point, last night I was running a temp and feeling nauseous but tonight I'm fine.

Have a great weekend!


Blogger Angela said...

Don't worry about complaining in your blog, I think that is what blogs are for, at least that is how I've been using mine lately. Sorry work is going so bad right now. Maybe your next job will be a lot better.

12:48 AM  

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