Saturday, May 14, 2005

You Did WHAT!!!!

I guess my month is going to continue to be a SAY WHAT!?! month. My brother just called me today and said that he "accidentally" got married back in January and just found out about it. To say I was flabergasted is putting it mildly. He says that he and Laura had planned to elope in January so they got there license and went before the judge but chickened out and didn't go through with the ceremony. The judge said that he had already signed the paperwork so he couldn't give it back to them and he would destroy it for them. They said okay and left. The judge's assistant took it and processed it like any good assistant would do before the judge had a chance to destroy it. Since bro is in the military, the state notified the military that he was married cause it changes his pay rate. Bro's supervisor called him in and asked why he hadn't put in for the pay rate back in January when he got married and bro replied with we didn't get married cause we changed our minds at the last minute. They have been living together all this time so they have decided to just go ahead and stay married now. This news left me wanted to scream, yell, rant and hit things. I have calmed down some but every time I think about it, I still want to slap him upside his head!

The week was full of data entry so there wasn't much else going on in my life other than the idiot that made the end of my Friday very annoying. The man came in last month to set his monthly pay account to auto withdraw from his account. I set everything up but for some reason it didn't withdraw on 4/20 like it was supposed to. The system sent him a bill instead. The man didn't open his bill so he didn't pay the bill so his insurance canceled on 5/12th. He was calling on 5/13th to tell me that he'd had an accident and I had to inform him that his insurance had canceled the day before. I then ended up listening to a 30 minute rant from him where he called me names and told me that it was my fault that his insurance canceled and that I had to make things right and cover his accident since all this was my fault and how did I expect him to go pay his insurance when he couldn't drive his car and why was I expecting him to drive without insurance... well, you get the idea of the half hour. I finally ended the conversation with the basic "it is not my responsiblity to open your mail or pay your insurance. I am not telling you drive without insurance. I'm telling you to pay your insurance. You can take a bus or a cab or ride with a friend or get to the office any other way you want to but your insurance will not be reinstated until you pay it.

I have been stitching though. I finished February Gemstone Dragon and July Gemstone Dragon from dragon dreams and now I need to sew them into little "purses" to go with my ren fair costume. The Feb is for me and the July for my mom. We'll be heading to the ren fair tomorrow 5/14. It'll be just me and mom. We haven't really spent much time together in a while so we're gonna spend the whole day together. It should be nice.

I promise to try to update more. I just haven't felt like getting on the computer at all during the week cause I'm doing all that data entry and it's sapping my energy really bad so that I don't want to do anything when I get home.

Hope everyone is doing okay. I'm off to catch up on blogs now.


Blogger Sher said...

Good thing he didn't apply for the increase in pay for being married then they said he wasn't married. The military usually wants it's money NOW not later...unless they owe you of course. LOL

BTW, tag you're it! Check out my blog.

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