Tuesday, June 14, 2005

sorry about falling of the face of the earth

I've been keeping really busy.

June 4- we went to the ren fair again and had lots more fun. We also came home with 3 more swords since they were having so many sales. I gave Phoenix his change purse with the phoenix on it too. It was really nice to see the little guys face light up and I really enjoyed all the hugs. Valerie also looked great in her costume.

June 5th - I noticed the bruise on my knee had spread and I now had a bruise all the way down the front of my shin from knee to ankle and my leg throbbed. I spent most of the day resting.

June 6th - first day on the new job. After just a few hours, I discovered that the girls in the office are just as crazy as me and thankfully have the same sense of humor. I'm still the youngest in the office but there is a girl in her 30's and one in her 40's that aren't far off from me and we share some similar interests even if they don't cross stitch. The office is a lot of fun and I like the people. We also have clients that are a little more cooperative. When I would tell them what I needed, they just said okay and did it. This was a huge change from what I was used to at the other office where the clients argued with you at every turn.

June 7-10 - I spent the rest of the week taking phone calls and learning how to do stuff that the old boss wouldn't let me do. I can now do all kinds of life insurance and I'm learning how to do mortgages, bank loans, cd's, ira's and all the fun bank stuff.

Saturday (june 11) we intended to go to the tennesee aquariam to since we hadn't been in several years and they have a new exibit since the last time we were there but due to the music festival they were having, we ended up not going. We went out for lunch and then to the bookstore and then over to Mark's house (those of you that follow this is the one I call the pervert). We ended up spending 5 hours over there while he and DH discussed the comics that were coming out in August. We finally got home around midnight and I fell into an exhausted lump.

Sunday, DH decided to walk mischief. This was her first walk since she got hurt. Her paw is completely healed. I wish I could say that about my knee but it is still bruised and very sore. While they were walking, I started the laundry and decided to start cleaning my closet cause it was getting to be a mess. While I was cleaning my closet, I heard DH calling my name very loudly from outside. The first thought was "oh my god she got lose again". I ran to the window to see DH right outside the window with Mischief still securely in her harness. There was however one of the smallest kittens I've ever seen walking up to Mischief and meowing as if to say "mommy I found you!" I ran outside and picked the little thing up and petted it. While we were outside one of the maintenance men came by and said that the mother had abandoned them and he had caught 2 and took them home but was unable to catch the one I was holding. I was horrified to learn that the little kitten had been abandoned but even more sickened by the fact that he had caught the other two 3 days ago which meant that this little girl had been all by herself without food for at least 3 days. Needless to say we took her inside and then to the vet. $200 later she was checked out, dewormed, declared about 4-5 wks old and malnourished. We took her back home and fixed her a box cause she's too small to know how to use a litter box yet and gave her a bath. I thought Mischief would welcome her but there was a lot of hissing Sunday night.

Monday, I had a blast at work. The girls are more and more fun the longer I know them. I'm learning more and more and getting to do more and more. I've already managed to earn a commission for my first check when I get it on the 15th. I rushed home to play with the kitten. I was a little worried that she still hadn't eaten so I sent DH to the store to get some milk replacer. The vet told us that she should be able to eat wet food since she her teeth were coming in but she hadn't touched it. We got her to eat some milk and I mixed some with the wet food and left it in her box overnight.

Tuesday. When we got up this morning, I was very happy to see that the kitten had eaten the wet food after I mixed it with the milk so I mixed her up half a can to last her through today while I'm at work. I also discovered that she was using the litter box already which really surprised me cause the vet told us that would probably take another week. When I got to work, I discovered that I can access the blogs again from work so I promise to get better about updating. My leg is still sore but it is healing very slowly. I'm enjoying my new job and soaking up all the new information with joy.

Thanks for thinking of me guys!


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