Monday, June 20, 2005

I've been very bad

Last weekend, I was supposed to sew some curtains for FOA volunteer work and I was going to bake some cookies as a thank you to a friend. I was very bad though. I spent the entire weekend playing Lego Star Wars on the PS2.

I realized this morning that I haven't picked up a needle in over 2 weeks. This is probably one of the longest stretches that I've gone without stitching. I blame this on my DH. He's got me collecting and reading comic books so I've been reading those instead of stitching. This is also do in part to my new commute. I spend an hour more ever day in the car but I'm actually driving instead of riding so no stitching in the car. I also no longer get a lunch away from my desk. With this new job, I have to eat while I work in return for only having a 8 hour day so I don't get to read at lunch so I'm doing my reading in the evenings too which leaves less time for stitching.

I'm looking forward to the stitching GTG this weekend. I can at least show the pieces that I had done for the last gtg since most of the people coming to this one didn't make the last one but I haven't stitching anything since the last gtg.

I really do need to give up on the Lego Star Wars for at least one night so that I can get those curtains sewn up on the sewing machine. Unfortunately, the Lego's are calling to me.


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