Monday, July 11, 2005

Today Sucks!

I have had a horrible morning.

My mother called and woke me up this morning. She was calling to let me know that my brother had set his wedding ceremony for August 20th and wanted to know if I wanted to ride up with them. I told her that I had plans to be in Nashville on August 20th and I already had hotel reservations for the needlework show. She did her best guilt trip to try to get me to cancel my plans and attend my brother's wedding. I feel bad about this. I do have time to cancel my hotel reservations without penalty but I've been planning this for months. Little brother is already married and has been since January. They are only doing a ceremony now so that family can attend. He still hasn't called me to invite me. I only know about the ceremony cause he called mom. I haven't heard from him in 2 months. I'm torn on what to do. Am I being selfish by not wanting to go to a ceremony that means nothing so that I can to a needlework show and spend time with my friends? Should I just give up my plans without any notice or even an actual call to me? Is it too much to ask to want him to call me to invite me instead me hearing about it second hand from my parents?

After dropping DH off at work, I continued on to work myself. I saw a flashing yellow light ahead so I slowed down. The guy 4 cars in front of me slammed on his brakes cause he saw a flashing light and it caused the rest of us to have to stop suddenly. I didn't get stopped quite in time and ended up hitting the girl in front of me. While exchanging info I got soaked thanks to the pouring rain and the lack of an umbrella.

After that I proceeded the rest of the way to work even though I wanted to go home. I got soaked the rest of the way while walking from the parking lot to the office.

I'm now sitting here dripping on my desk in the air conditioning and I'm very cold. I have to sit here feeling disgusting and disgusted with myself for the rest of the day. I feel gross cause I'm soaked in rain water and slowly drying. I feel disgusted because I of all people know how important it is to slow down in the rain and despite the fact that I did so, I still had an accident. I just hit my 6 year accident free mark in January and now I'm going to lose that 15% discount because of a stupid rain storm.



Blogger kirabug said...


You can feel as disgusted with yourself as you want, but I'm going to sit here and thank God that you were OK and nobody was hurt, 'kay? *hugs*

As for your brother, CALL HIM. Find out what the deal is. Even though your brother's already legall married, it's still a big event, one you won't get the ability to see a second time.

*hugs* - kirabug

12:18 PM  
Blogger Elfinlady said...

*HUGS* Sorry to hear about the accident.

DO NOT let yourself be guilt tripped into giving up your plans to go to that sham of a wedding, especially since you haven't heard from your brother yourself.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Kirsten said...

I'm glad you're okay, and I hope by now you're all dried off. Poor Ginny!

And just say no to guilt. It's not like you're missing the *wedding.* You're missing a party. Go to Nashville, for Pete's sake!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Jenna said...

I would wait to make any decisions until I heard from my brother personally! If he really wants you to come, he'll call you and let you know. If he doesn't, I think you can go to Nashville, guilt-free. :)

I'm glad you weren't hurt in the accident. Give yourself a break - you're only human and everyone makes a mistake every once in a while.

4:13 PM  

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