Monday, July 18, 2005

Good Weekend

The weekend started with movies. We watched Navigator. It was about Howard Hughes. I didn't realize that he did so much. It was an interesting movie. I have to admit that Dicaprio played an incredible part. I really didn't like him as an actor when he first started but after watching Man in an Iron Mask, I had to admit that he did have some acting chops and the Navigator shows his acting ability again.

Saturday, we went to the library and got the new Harry Potter. The rest of day was spent with me reading Harry and DH watching horror movies. I know he watched White Noise but I don't remember anything from it cause I was engrossed in Harry. I absolutely loved this book. I had heard the rumors that an important person died but I was very upset about who died and how it happened. It made me want to throw things but it was an incredible story.

Sunday started with the comic convention. We were there for several hours. Then off to Picadilly for lunch and home to relax and do laundry. I stitched as much as I could Sunday afternoon on Enchanted Mermaid because I know that it will be put on the back burner again after I recieve the models for Norwood's. I need to take a picture of my progress before I put it away though. Dh started Harry as well but he reads slow so I have to wait quite a while before I can discuss it with him.


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