Friday, July 15, 2005

Life is back into full swing.

We got approved to take off August 15-19th so it looks like we'll be heading to PA on August 13th. We'll spend all day driving and probably spend Sunday with my Grandmother so that we can see the rest of my family too. I also have to spend at least one day with Justin's parents but that leaves the rest of the week free. We'll probably start driving toward Nashville Friday (the 19th) in the afternoon so that I can get there at a decent hour on Saturday to go through the shopping mart and I can make the lunch and/or dinner for the TWBB members. I'm so excited about the trip!

I also found out that both Jennifer from Dragon Dreams and Teresa Wentzler are attending Dragoncon this year. They are actually attending as people intead of vendors cause the con gave them a hard time about their samples being cross stitch and not artwork. I found this out by calling Susan at Norwood's. I called her to order two more patterns and to see if she had anything she wanted me to stich for her since there were a lot of new patterns out this month. She's going to send me the stuff to do Crabapple Dragon from Generations Cross Stitch and Cat's Eye from Mystic Stitch so she can have those as model pieces and I've got the new Kat's by Kelly's designs for me.


Blogger kirabug said...

Let me know what day(s) you think you'll be in my area and I'll take at least one off from work :)

9:03 AM  

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