Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I find myself watching a lot more movies these days. Between the rent as many as you want for $15 at Hollywood, Dh's desire to see several new movies in theatre, and the very nice girl at hollywood that keeps giving us passes to movie screenings.

Last night was a screening for Wedding Crashers. It wasn't really one that I thought I would like but it was a free movie so we went. I found myself laughing in the "I can't believe they did that" kind of way. There were a lot of people at this screening. I guess cause they recruited on college campuses for it and most college students love a free movie. There were a lot of "cover important part OH's" in the theatre even though there were no private parts injured unless you include rear ends in private parts.

It's amazing how many movies that I'm watching and enjoying now despite the fact that I didn't think I would like them. I used to be very picky about what kind of movies I would or wouldn't watch. I'm now finding myself watching everything.


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Tell us about the movies you're watching!!!!!

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