Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Frustration abounds!

I gave my dad money for the new car on 7/12/05. I knew the car wasn't ready yet but he said that it would only be a week or so. He finally got the emmission yesterday so I went to the tag office. Tag office wouldn't let me have a tag.

After 2 frustrating hours, I learned that Georgia will no longer issue you a title unless the seller matches the owner on the front. So if the name on the front of the title is a. B buys from A and then sells to C, C can't get a title. B has to go and get a title and then sign that title over to C so that C can get a title and tag. This rule apparently started this year without telling anyone. So those of you buying used cars, make sure the person you are buying from is the person on the front of the title! To get all of this straightened out, I have to physically go down to the state tag office in Hapeville and bring my father (since I bought the car from him), the title, the insurance, the emmissions, a letter from my loan company saying that the original owner does not have a loan on the car, a letter from my loan company saying that my dad does not have a loan on the car, a letter from the bank saying that I DO have a loan on the car. The state tag office will then issue a title in dad's name that he can sign over to me. This amounts to the state wanting more money. They just want that extra $25 title fee. I am very frustrated by all this. What frustrates me even more is that my local tag office that is only 2 miles from my house and never busy can't do this. They are making me go to Hapeville which is 25 miles away and always has a line that is 2 hours deep. I can guarantee that I won't get burned by this again! On top of all that, I don't have the car yet. It's still not done.

I'm not wondering if I really needed that 2nd car or not.


Blogger Angela said...

It's government, what can you say? Hope you can get everything worked out okay soon.

11:30 PM  

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