Monday, August 29, 2005

If you need me, I'll be in this hole that I've crawled into

I had planned to spend the weekend relaxing. I should have known this would not happen.

Friday afternoon, the office manager took the afternoon off and the phones went crazy. I had a horridly busy afternoon at work which was made even more horrible by news that DH's lic was suspended for failure to appear for a speeding ticket back in 2003. DH spent the afternoon on the phone with the courthouse and the dmv. DMV says courthouse requested suspension cause we didn't appear in court. Courthouse says they didn't request the suspension cause we paid the ticket and therefore didn't need to appear in court. He did finally manage to get his license reinstated about 7pm Friday. Ironically enough, we would never have known that his license was suspended if we hadn't applied for additional life insurance in preperation for the house. The life company ran our driving record as part of it's underwriting process and they let us know about the suspension.

Saturday dawned with the air conditioner once again not working. I apparently declared my victory too soon. I called the apartment complex. The maintenance man came out and said that he needed help to fix it cause it was the unit in the apartment that wasn't working now. The unit inside has all the fans and stuff to actually push the cold air into the apartment. He said he would be back on Monday with help and they would get it fixed. The next discovery is that the internet wasn't working. DH spent quite a while on the phone with comcast and a tech will be coming out on Tuesday to fix that. We spent most of the day doing laundry cause DH's friend called in a favor that would put us cateloging comic books all day Sunday. I did manage to get quite a bit done on Cat's Eye though so I may actually finish that this week. I also took some time and went bead shopping with the necklace/scissor fob idea that Valerie proposed in mind. I got some wonderful beads and some good ideas and will also start beading this week so I can show Valerie what they look like on Friday and see what she says.

Sunday was spent sitting on the floor inputing comics into a spreadsheet. Very boring.

This morning, it was over 90 in the apartment. Dh finally gave in and stayed home with the cats to await the air conditioning repair man. Smokey was mouth breathing this morning cause he was so hot so DH didn't want to go to work cause he was worried about the cats. I was glad that he stayed home too. I actually suggested that he stay home before he discovered Smokey was having problems.

I'm now at work. I'm wishing that I wasn't but that's not an option. Hopefully before the end of the week, I will feel like crawling back out of the hole the weekend put me in.


Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Oh, Ginny. {{{{{hugs}}}}

Hope this week proves to be better than your weekend.

1:37 PM  

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