Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday Blues

The internet was still not working at home as of this morning when I left. Comcast did call DH though and tell him that they have fixed it but I won't know for sure until we get home tonight.

Work has been rough. The boss is really pushing us to sell life insurance. We have to sell 7 policies before the end of October or we don't get raises this year or Christmas bonuses. I don't really feel this is fair but what do I know. I'm very good at selling auto and home insurance because people need this and they can recognize that they need this. Life insurance is a hard sell though cause most people think "OH I'll get that later when I get older". Young people do not like to think about dying in the future. This mandate has put a strain on all of us at work. We have managed to get 2 in here since the mandate last week with a possible 3rd coming in today. Just pray that we get to the 7 before the end of next month.

The model piece is going well. I'm down to 6 colors now so it's almost done.

I have managed to catch a head cold and spent yesterday at home in bed sleeping all day long but I'm here at work today trudging along.

I am looking forward to tomorrow so that we can go to the fair and next weekend since it's the next GSFL get together.

The real estate broker sent us a list of homes so that we can start cruising neighborhoods in Norcross and Duluth but we won't actually start looking at any houses until January. This puts closing off until February so I guess I get a house for my birthday instead of Christmas. That works too but it keeps us in the cruddy apartment until March. This means that those evil people get my money for 2 more months.


Blogger Angela said...

Sorry that things aren't going well lately. I hope the fair cheered you up some.

12:43 AM  

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