Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pictures uploaded

I uploaded lots of pics to the my webshots album under the model stitching album at
and under the necklace fobs section for those of you that haven't seen the new ones yet:

I can't believe that the week is going so fast. I charted something out for the dinky-dyes competition and I'll start stitching on that as soon as I finish Crabapple Dragon. I talked with Valerie about my idea and she thought it was a good idea so I guess I'm gonna give it a go since I took the time to chart it out :)

Mood: creative


Anonymous Jenna said...

Great job on the model stitching, Ginny! You're quite a quick stitcher and I bet your shops and/or designers are happy to have you. :)

4:37 PM  

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