Friday, September 30, 2005

Don't trust cross-walks

We don't get a lunch break at work. We eat at our desks so that we only have to be here in the office for 8 hours. This means that one of us in the office usually takes 5-10 minutes to run to a nearby eating place and pick up food for the whole office and bring it back so that we can all eat nice fresh meals for lunch. Yesterday was my turn to pick it up. The Chinese restaurant we were ordering from can literly be seen from our office window and is only 30 feet away so I decided to walk over and get it. I walked to the restaurant with no problem. Picked up the food no problem and it started to rain as I was in the restaurant. No umbrella. Okay. So I'm waiting at the corner for the cross walk light to come on in the rain. It finally starts flashing green so I start across the street at the best jog that I can do considering I'm carrying 4 take out orders. The light then changes while I'm in the middle of the cross walk but I don't see this because since I wear glasses, I've got my head bent down to keep the rain off my glasses. I look up as I near the other side of the street to see a Jeep bearing down on me. Not a good sight. I had enough warning to slow down and try to stop so that the jeep could go by but I didn't get actually get stopped soon enough. The mirror of the jeep clipped me in the arm and rolled my body enough that my shoulder landed pretty good on the door of the jeep.

The poor man in the jeep started crying. I checked over his car to make sure that I hadn't done any damage to it. I rolled my shoulder and moved my arms to make sure I hadn't been damaged and then told the poor man not to worry about it and I finished the walk back to work.

I can honestly say that I will not be walking to pick up food anymore. I will use my car rather than walk across Peachtree St because Peachtree St does not have reliable cross walk signs!

I am fine. I'm a little sore on my shoulder today but there isn't any visible bruising. Just a few tight muscles.

I hate Atlanta traffic!


Anonymous Jenna said...

Ouch Ginny! I hope that your shoulder heals quickly. I'm sorry, but the guy in the Jeep should have cried - he should have been paying attention and slowed down for you! It's a major city, people are always in the streets. Drivers have to be aware of pedestrians at all times. So, I'm afraid I'm unsympathetic towards him. :)

12:28 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Oh my God! I'm so glad you weren't hurt more seriously!

3:04 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

OMG, Ginny, that is incredible! Bad cross walk sign or not that guy should *never* have gotten that close to you or not. I frequently crossed Peachtree for lunch, at Peachtree and 14th no less, and I *never* came close to getting hit. That is inexcusable. I'm so glad you're okay!! {{{hugs}}}

3:54 PM  

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