Thursday, November 17, 2005

Finally, I can update

There were like 4 techs that came to our home yesterday to work on our cable. One of them replaced a junction box and another one replaced a cable line and after all of their work, Our cable and internet is FINALLY fixed! Woohoo.

Now as promised.... PICTURES!

Enchanted Mermaid
Tropical Dream
DH's Pumpkin
DH's Pumpkin lit up
DH in costume - There are three pictures of Dh there so each word is a link so I could show off the full effect of the costume.

I'm so happy to have my internet and TV back!

I took my training in Medicare Part D yesterday and passed my certification test already with a 95% - go me! This is a new part of medicare that's going to cover prescriptions only. It sound pretty easy and simple but I won't really know till they send me the application packets and presentations.


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