Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesdays are dull

Not much going on today. The boss came in with a bad mood following him but he got better before he left.

I went grocery shopping last night and watched in amusement as my stomach grew as I walked around the store. By the time I made it to the cashier, she thought I was about to give birth in the store and when I woke up this morning my tummy was almost flat again. It cracks me up that the kid refuses to stay either forward or back and decides to move back and forth several times throughout the day. The good news is that DH got to feel the little one move for the first time last night. The little guy was kicking so hard that I think it would have been impossible for DH not to feel it.

Erin: We find out the results of the fair on Thursday night. Valerie's gonna call me on Thursday when she gets to the fair since I can't make it out there during the week. I'm gonna head to the stitch in at Nease's instead on Thursday.

Anne: Fish City is huge. It's 15 pages of pattern and the biggest thing that I have ever cross stitched but it looks so cool! I've been working on it for 3 months now and I'm only a little over half way done. I'm also trying to knit a christening gown as well but that's going even slower cause I'm still a beginning knitter. I'm probably gonna drive myself crazy with all the stuff I want to do before the kid gets here.


Blogger Lynne said...

Enjoy your boring tuesdays, they will never be that way again. LOL

8:56 AM  

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