Friday, August 10, 2007

sorry for the missing persons routine

Sorry about being missing for so long. I just haven't had the gumption to sit and type at night after I get home and work has been keeping me busy.

Mom and Dad have moved to North Carolina and they are spending time near my brother and his two boys. I now have two nephews, Alec Michael was born March of 2006 and Connor Lee was born March of 2007. Mom and Dad are excited about spending time with the grandsons and my brother is happy to have them around too. Both boys have decided that grandma and grandpa rule since they get treats and toys from them.

I bought a new sleep number bed and got to sleep on that for the first time last night. I'm in heaven. For the first time in weeks, my hips don't hurt today.

I've been busy cross stitch wise too. Cats from Mystic Stitch is finished on the 25ct fabric. Guardian from TW is finished and framed and ready for entry in the State Fair. I've also finished Wave Dancer and Harvest Time from Dinky Dyes (our Prinn's designs). I'm still working on Fish City as well. I have the background about halfway done and I need to fill in all the fish now. I've been learning to knit as well and I've managed to knit a baby blanket. Baby blankets seemed the easiest project for a beginner. I really need to update my webshots album will all the pictures and I promise I'll get that done this weekend.

There really hasn't been a whole lot going on. I'm looking forward to the gtg in September and seeing everyone again. Hope everyone is well.


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