Thursday, December 07, 2006

Close to quitting without a job to go to.

I can't take this anymore. Money just isn't worth it. I would rather be struggling with my bills again that dealing with this. This morning, I got told that I was a horrible person and that I was being mean for no reason and I was going to hell. You guys know me. I'm not mean by nature. I will tell you if I don't like something but I try not to be mean about it unless it's my family and then all bets are off.
The background for this accusation. P was going to be out of the office to have some minor surgery. Very minor surgery. Her surgery was last Wednesday and she's back at work today. Before she left, I asked her what hospital thinking I'd be nice and send a little flower since I knew she had to stay over night. She told me my doctor's hospital. When I asked which hospital is that, she replied with my doctor's. I don't have her home or cell number. I'm not that close to her. She called the office on Thursday and told the boss that she was okay. Boss told us. Okay. She called the office on Monday and told the boss she was feeling much better and would be back to work on Wednesday instead of taking the full 2 weeks off. Boss told us. This morning I got to work before her. I had my computer up and was working on something when she walked in. I looked up and said Good Morning, she replied with a very sharp and nasty "morning". I went back to what I was doing to finish up. She went to her computer and tried to bring it up but she had forgotten her password so she got on the phone with regional to get them to reset her password. I continued working since she was on the phone. When she gets off the phone, she proceeds to tell us we are horrible people cause we didn't ask how she was or how her surgery was and we didn't come see her or call her or send her flowers. I'm still trying to figure out how I was supposed to call her, see her or send her flowers since I didn't know what hospital, didn't know her phone number and didn't know her address. I was going to ask how she was even though the boss had already told us she was okay but she was very nasty when she walked in and got right on the phone and stayed on the phone for 20 minutes and then started yelling at us as soon as she got off the phone.
I'm tired of being judged by her standards and found horrible. I'm tired of being told I'm going to hell for being a horrible person. I'm tired of her telling customers that I don't know what I'm doing and that I don't do anything in the office. I do 40% of the applications every month and I'm 1 of the 3 people here. I should only be doing 33% but I'm not, I'm doing more. If I don't have things to do, I ask if I can help anyone. She doesn't do that.
The kicker of it… When I told the boss what happened, he told me to just ignore it and forget about it. HUH?
It's no wonder that I'm stitching so much at night. I get so stressed out at work that it takes me 3 hours of stitching just to unknot the tense muscles and start to relax!


Blogger Terri said...

Ginny, dear. You need to grow a backbone! Tell P these things. Tell you that you tried to find out where she was and tell her the exact comments she made in return. Tell her that you're tired of her pissy attitude, tell her customers incorrect information about you, and that you have it documented (start right this minute) and will be taking it up with your supervisor, her supervisor and human resources. Stand up for yourself! Hugs.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Ooops, forgot to say, tell your Boss that you cannot ignore it any longer because she's creating a hostile work environment for you.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Lynne said...


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Blogger kirabug said...

**hugs** I only just got your email-work sounds horrible right now!! I'll wb tonight.

10:35 PM  

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