Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What a weekend

I thought I was gonna sit and stitch all weekend but that didn't happen.

Saturday we took Spike to the vet and it turned out that he was okay so there was no problem there. We then took him home and went to get a bite to eat and then I went to hobby lobby to see what Christmas stuff they had on sale. I came home with several kits. Mischief looked so sad that Spike got to outside and she didn't that we gather her up along with Smokey to take them to Petsmart for a walk. They were having dog adoptions right at the door so both cats were afraid so we ended up going to Bethesda Park since they have a 1.5 mile walking trail. The cats had never been before but they took right to it and Mischief had a fit over the squirrels and Smokey had fun too. I know Mischief will be begging for days to go back.

Sunday I stitched in the morning and then in the afternoon, I started to do laundry. The washer died in the middle of the first load. I rang out the cloths and put them in a basket and then went off to the laundromat. Thankfully I found out on Monday that the washer is still under warranty so I made an appointment for them to come and fix it on Wednesday.


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