Monday, August 07, 2006

Model Stitching Addiction

When I first started model stitching, I wasn't sure I was gonna like it. I knew I would enjoy the paycheck. I thought it would be a good fit for me when I started because I do stitch rather quickly. I would be stitching in the evening anyway cause it relaxes me after work. I'm finishing things faster than I can afford to frame them. My walls are filling up and my list of people that I will give finished cross stitch pieces to is getting smaller.

The first pieces were published designs. I was able to look at the patterns and the finished pieces as I worked. I found that I work even faster when I have a deadline whether the deadline is set by me or the person wanting the finished piece. I had a little bit of trouble with letting the finished pieces go the first couple that I did but after that, everything thing seemed to smooth out. I was sad when my job stopped cause I missed doing the model stitching and I mourned the fact that another local store had closed.

I went a while without doing any model stitching and found that I missed it. I had talked to Stacey since she did some designing and asked if she knew anyone that needed a model stitcher. She told me she would ask Jo about it. I got impatient and emailed Jo when I hadn't heard anything and she was willing to give me a chance. As I was stitching the first model, I got to a part that I wondered about, went to look at the picture and then it dawned at me -- I am stitching the piece that is going to be the picture. WOW! Everyone is gonna look at what I stitched for reference. They are going to use the picture of this stitched piece to decide if they like the pattern. *GULP* I took even more care about my stitches looking even and the back looking good. I was extremely happy with the finished pieces. I looked at them and I felt pride that I had stitched it. This was new for me. Usually I'm just happy that it's done and I'm off to the next one.

I sent both model from Dinky Dyes back to her on Saturday. I didn't feel the loss of letting a stitched piece go but I did feel pride that I was able to do such a good job and get it done so quickly. I hope that Jo likes them. I have also started to wonder if I should contact a few more designers to see if they need a model stitcher since I had so much fun doing this and so much pride in the finished work.

I know there are people out there that don't believe my stitching speed. I even had someone tell me to my face that I couldn't stitch as fast I said at CATS Nashville last year but I don't really mind that. Jo now knows I stitch fast cause I did both models in 5 days. My friends in the GSFL know I stitch fast cause they see all the finished pieces that I get done in between meetings. I know how fast I stitch cause I can see the fruits of my labor on my walls every evening.

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Blogger Stacey said...

Well, don't you worry about that happening again at'll have Val and me there to vouch for you that you *really do* stitch *that* fast!:)


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