Thursday, November 16, 2006

The great sleep study

**Warning** This may be TMI but hopefully not too gross.

I went to the doctor last night to have tubes stuck in my nose and down my throat so the doctor could tell me why I'm getting so many sinus infections and to see if he could tell why I wasn't getting enough sleep. After lots of hmm..'s and that's interesting... the results are:
I have a small septum (whaterever that is) that is apparently to blame for the sinus infections, an elongated uvuala which is apparently to blame for my trouble swallowing pills, a small jaw and a large tongue which may be blocking my airway at night and causing sleep apnea which would make me sleepy all the time and I have a extra strong gag reflex that gaged the doctor when I got sick cause he sprayed stuff in my nose to numb it so he could put the tube in and then again when he put the tube in even though it was supposed to be numb and I wasn't supposed to feel that. The result of all this: I can use a nasal spray but after seeing my response to those he said I may just have to deal with the sinus infections. I also need to go through a sleep study where they monitor all kinds of things while I sleep and this is going to occur on the 28th of this month. Depending on the severity of my sleeping problems, I may end up on a CPAP or BiPAP breathing thing while I sleep. No problem. At least the dreaded C word wasn't mentioned.

Kirabug, when you were having all those sinus problems and had your surgery, I don't think I fully understood why you hated those doctors appointments... you now have my greatest and most sincere sympathy for what you went through and I hope you never have to do it again.

Valerie... you are an evil temptress and I have now pulled the threads to start Fish City. I may end up derailing myself at the S&B at Nease's tonight though cause I'm taking Guardian with me and after the girls ooh and ahh over my progress I'm hoping to once again have the stitching bug for Guardian since the golds are starting to get to me. Since we started our competition, I've only managed to put in 4 needles of thread... I usually do 6-7 a night... this is bad. I thought I was taking advantage cause I know you've got a lot to do on Oyster Bay but now I'm beginning to wonder. Guardian doesn't seem to want to be stitched. Doesn't help that I got Britty Kitty's kitten stocking in the mail along with Dragon Dreams' Charlotte releases and Griffin Bookmark from dracolair. I have too many things I want to stitch!


Blogger kirabug said...

Well, I've been there. In fact, yesterday. Though I've not puked on the doctor for sticking stuff up my nose.... I did pass out on her once. And last appointment my eyes watered so badly that I lost a contact and Nighthawk had to drive home. But I just found out I won't need surgery again, just some drugs that taste oh-my-GOD-so-awful instead. But if super-gross medicine is going to fix my constant headaches and gross stuff in there, I'm all for it. And at this point I've been squirting drugs up my nose for 8 or 9 years, so that doesn't faze me either ;)

Nighthawk's done the we-wire-you-up-and-dare-you-to-sleep study thing and it wasn't horrible, but you won't get much sleep so don't plan to work the next day. Hopefully they'll find something. I'm all for doctors finding things they can fix.


3:27 PM  
Blogger Valerie (grvlgal) said...

I am VERY glad they didn't mention the C word.

Me? A temptress? Perish the thought! I wouldn't be trying to push you off the straight and narrow and into starting another WIP just so I could trounce you in our little race! Mwa-hahahahaha

No Stitch-n-Bitch for me tonight. After we got off the phone, I got a work call that entails my actually having to work. *feh* Hopefully it won't interfere with my stitching too much. *G*

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Lynne said...

Ginny, If you do have sleep apena getting a CPAP unit will be wonderful. DH didn't believe me that he had it until I taped him, he went to the clinic two weeks later. We have all slept so much better. He actually feels a lot better two. He said the two hours of sleep he got at the clinic after everything was hooked up right were the best hours of sleep he had had in years. I know I sleep sooo much better without a chainsaw in my ear. : )

7:04 PM  

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