Monday, April 24, 2006

Sorry to take so long

I'm sorry that I've kinda dropped off of here. I've felt very quiet lately. DH has even commented that I'm talking as much. I've been feeling a little down and a lot reflective.

I have started stitching again and I'm working away on a Christmas piece for the fair in August. I have to get my stitching stand fixed so that I can speed my stitching time back up. I can't believe it's almost May and I've only finished 1 piece so far this year. That's really behind for me. I usually average at least one piece a month.

I'm still unpacking. This is taking forever cause I'm not doing a lot of it now that the things we need are done. Life keeps getting in the way. We did get all the Christmas stuff up into the attic so that it's out of the way. My cloths are completely unpacked and I've been after DH to finish his. He hasn't finished unloading the computer stuff yet either so I'm without a printer at home. We haven't managed to hook up the TV in the bedroom yet either which may be a blessing.

The cats are spending most of their time away from us in the last two weeks. I think they just figured out that they don't have to be in the same room as we are. They are just now starting to really enjoy the freedom of the new house I think.

I feel so tired and run down lately. No matter how much I sleep or rest, I'm still tired. I feel okay for the most part other than that. I just don't feel like doing anything that requires any real physical movement. I don't want to unpack. I don't want to clean. I don't want to work in the yard. I don't want to cook. I'm in the mood where I would be perfectly happy to just stay at home and read and nap all day for quite some time but life doesn't allow me to do that so I'm here at work hoping that the day will move quickly so I can go home and sit on my couch and not do anything.


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