Thursday, June 22, 2006

what a week so far

I've had so many odd and unusual requests at work that I've spent the week scratching my head and trying how to remember things I haven't done since I started 7 years ago. Thankfully I remembered how to do them. The boss asked us to write at least 2 car loans this month and we have accomplished that and wrote a couple of more to go with it so he's happy about that. I've had fun being a bank and writing car loans and BIG checks payable to dealers. Glad I don't actually have to write checks that big out of my account! I've even managed to do a CD this month. It's neat to watch people realize that we do those.

Not much else going on with me. I'm gonna spend the weekend in sweats sitting and stitching and relaxing. Maybe listen to harry potter on cd since I got it out of the library. I just like the voice of the man that reads them. I also like to listen to books while I stitch better than I like watching TV somedays cause I get distracted by attractive actors from time to time. :)

Stargate's new season doesn't start till July. I'm hoping that last season was just off and that this season will come back strong but I fear that the show has gone down hill with the exit of Richard Dean Anderson. I'm gonna have to try to watch for the fall preview issue of tv guide so that I can see what's coming and if there are any new shows that interest me for the next season.


Blogger Stacey said...

I prefer listening to books while stitching as well, or some really good music. I try to match the music with what I'm stitching, if that makes any sense.:)

I love your idea of sitting in sweats and stitching. I may try to do a little of that where I can.

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