Thursday, May 11, 2006

busy busy

Work has picked up a little. We've been having more meetings which drive me crazy cause I'd rather be doing other work than sitting in meetings.

The ren fair helped to pull me out of my slump for a while but I'm beginning to the only way to stay out of the slump is to find a new job where I stay busier so I can ignore coworkers.

My stitching is going well. I've broken down and started stitching on 2 other pieces to break up the Christmas Dream piece. I didn't do it cause I was bored with Christmas Dreams. I did it cause I finally couldn't resist starting them. I started Cats from Mystic Stitch and Two Loves of Arthur from Heavan and Earth Designs. The artwork on Two Loves was done by our own Prinn. I'm sure they are both going to be lovely. I'm curious how much I'll be able to do on them without a break since they are over 1 on 25 count. I've got Christmas Dreams and Guardians from TW going too and they are over 2 on 28ct so they should break up the small stuff. I've been around you guys too long and I've started having more than one project at a time going instead of stitching it till I'm done. Maybe that's why I've only finished one thing this year *big grin*

Hope everyone is doing well and I'm sorry for not communicating with anyone except for an occassional post in blog remarks.


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ECHO ECho Echo echo....

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