Monday, May 08, 2006

Ren Fair Fun

The ren fair this weekend definately lifted my mood by leaps and bounds. I had a lot of fun running around with everyone. I loved when DH was called up on stage with Hack and Slash. Erin took some pics and put them on her webshots album. I must remember to download those when I get home so I can put them on my webshots album for people too. I got to see more of Valerie performing and I must say that she stays on her toes and handles clingy admirers well. The shakespeare parady was good but I must say that you need to at least be familiar with shakespear to get some of the jokes. The magician was good too. I hadn't seen him in prior years.

I felt so rejuvinated after Saturday that I pulled out my State Fair Revenge piece that I think I'm gonna rename "Christmas Dreams". I managed to completely finish "Snowfight Blue" on it and get a good way into "Christmas Guardian". The "I Believe" and "Merry Christmas" squares were already done as were 6 of the 9 border boxes. I'm almost halfway done now. YEAH.

I then got snagged by Prinn's wonderful prints at I have no idea how she does such beautiful work. She's so good with faces that it just amazes me. I ended up with 3 prints to take home. Two of the prints, I already have the cross stitch patterns for from Heaven and Earth Designs. I've planned to stitch them on 25ct material anyway so that they would be smaller so I'm now invisioning framing the stitched piece with the print using a dark suade or velvet matt to seperate them in the frame. I think it will look gorgeous! I just have to find the time to stitch those wonderfully detailed pieces on the itty bitty fabric count!

My stitching bug is definately back though cause even as I sit at work, I'm thinking about going home and stitching. This is a good sign. Maybe I can actually get a few things done before I try to host another gtg so that I have something for show and tell other than all the framed pieces hanging all over the house which some of you haven't seen.

Work is still tense and I guess it's gonna stay tense for a while yet but I'm learning to ignore most of it. I talk less at work because of this and everyone keeps asking me what's wrong.

I'm still settling into the house. It's amazing how long this is taking. I actually found myself sitting there wondering if I was gonna pee myself before DH got out of the bathroom. It took me a full 5 minutes to realize we have 3 bathrooms now instead of 1! D'OH! It seems like we have so much more laundry now. We're always doing a load of laundry! I don't know where it's all coming from but I've had enough of it. The cats seem to be doing there part to make me clean more as well as they have stepped up their usage of the litter boxes so that we have to change them every week now instead of every other week. They are also making an effort to spray as much litter out of the box as they can. I sometimes wonder if they enjoy the sound of the vaccuum cleaner even though they run from it.

I'm hoping to have a gtg and/or housewarming in July or August so that all my friends can come see the house and have fun with me and DH. For the housewarming I'm gonna try to have some board games or card games to play too if we want to. The gtg would be more stitching and visiting unless the stitchers want to play games too and that would be cool!


Blogger Erin said...

I had a great time, too! Thanks for letting me hang out with you two. Glad to hear you are finally back in the stitching mood. And I would *love* to play a game at a GTG, because you know how much (ahem) stitching I get done at those things. LOL!

1:00 AM  
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Blogger Angela said...

So glad to hear that you're feeling better. You can tell your DH that he wasn't the only one to get dragged into an act - my boyfriend and I went a few weeks ago and Chris got sniffed of by Eureka the Washing Well Wench and had other audience members smelling him and all talking about how good he smelled and basically trying to poke fun at him and some at me too. I don't remember laughing so much in a very long time! :)

I would love it if we could all have another GTG or come to a housewarming party!

8:24 PM  

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