Thursday, June 15, 2006

night out

After spending almost 3 months in seclusion. I'm taking another night out. I went to the gtg last saturday and tonight I'm going to a Stitch In at a local needlework store (LNS). The LNS does this every third thursday of the month but I've been forgetting to go. Poor DH is getting abandoned again in favor of the girls but I don't think he minds too much since I came back from Saturday very mellow and relaxed. He likes when I'm that way.

I once again stitched too late last night. This are getting worse again at work. I have to make time to go see the boss and let him know that I can't do this. I can't function at work with someone in front of me sniping at the person behind me and the person behind me sniping at the person in front of me. I guess I should be glad they haven't turned to sniping at me yet but it's just a matter of time. I'm very tempted to go out and buy Bon Jovi's boxed set 100,000,000 bon jovi fans can't be wrong so that I can bring it into work and put on some ear buds that can easily be taken out when the phone rings. This would drown them out in a hurry. *evil grin* Unfortunately this week at work has undone all relaxation from Saturday so I'm hoping that the Stitch-In will help release some of the tension again.

I'm also thinking of asking for the 3rd of july off so that I can have a 4 day weekend to just get away from all of it. I'll never understand why they make you work on a Monday when you have Tuesday off. It seems silly. If you have off on Thursday, they don't make you come in on Friday so why do they torture us on Mondays?


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