Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I had a good time Thursday night. It was fun to see everyone and it was a smaller group so I was able to talk to more people.

Friday was a little busy thanks to the storm but not too bad.

Saturday was a blast. I had a lot of fun talking to Erin and Angela on the drive and watching them shop at the store. I also had fun shopping at the store since I had a large credit that I needed to use up. After we got back it was time for lots of errands.

Sunday morning, I managed to slam my foot into the cat gym and hurt myself pretty badly. I have up Sunday afternoon and went to the doctor. They took x-rays and said that they didn't see a break but couldn't tell for sure since they were only able to take a picture of the top of my foot since I threatened bodily harm if the twisted my foot too much. I've got a lovely post-op shoe on my left foot and a throbbing pain that may drive me out of my mind.

Monday, I took mom to the doctor for her back cause she's still in a lot of pain. I spent all day at different doctors offices to be told that she hadn't permanently injured her back but she was going to need physical thereapy and that one of her discs is almost completely eroded away so once they get her healed they need to inject cortizone into the disc to fluff it back up so that she doesn't hurt the same spot repeatedly. They told her to stop lifting and to stop smoking and she just ignored those statements. By the end of the day I thought my foot was waging war on me cause it hurt so bad but the extra strength ibuprofin the doc gave me helped a lot. I can't take them and then drive though cause I feel so loopy.

Now I'm sitting here at work. I took a painkiller after I got here and I feel so floaty. At least my foot isn't hurting right now though. I managed to finish my christmas shopping which made me very happy. I've even finished the last of the homemade afghans to give everyone. All I have to do now is wrap stuff and bake cookies which may be a challenge this year.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday.


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