Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I'm beginning to think my life may have hit a boring spot. Either that or I'm just not paying attention lately. DH's days have been more interesting.

Yesterday afternoon, Dh called me to let me know that he was being sent home along with the rest of his office because someone had called a bomb threat to his office and the police were there with dogs searching it. Dh said he had a lovely paid afternoon at home.

I've already managed to walk 4 miles so far this month so I'm mostly proud of myself. I would like to walk over 30 miles this month and I'm working real hard at it.

My life has become mostly work. I'm working 9-5 M-F at my normal job and I've been putting in hours at Nease's on Saturdays and doing laundry on Sundays. I'm starting to get worn out and I'm really looking forward to the 17th where I will do no work and just spend time with the girls from the GSFL. I need the break.

My mom has been driving me crazy asking for a Christmas list. I have no idea what to tell her. She left me a voice mail last night saying that she wanted a list by this Saturday or else. There is nothing that I want right now. I just want to be left along until I get the house. Then they can buy me all kinds of stuff like a dining room table, furniture for the guest room or baby's room (not pregnant yet and not trying yet but definately thinging about it) or bookcases or wood and a saw so I can make my own bookcases. *sigh* I have no idea what to put on this list since there is absolutely nothing that I want.

Boss has canceled our Christmas party due to the girl that's sueing. He says that he doesn't want us to exchange gifts in front of her and not give her anything or give her something bad which is a possibilty with the mood of the office lately. So. No christmas party. I've already bought gifts for the two girls that aren't suing me. They aren't returnable. The girls are getting them. I guess I'll just give them to them before the sueing girl comes back to work.

Dh's Christmas party is employee only at Maggiano's so I'll be spending the evening of the 14th on my own.

Boss wants the office open on the 26th so I won't be getting any days off for Christmas. The office will also be open on 1/2 so no days off for new year's either. I am taking two days off when we close on the house just to give me time to do the paperwork and supervise the movers so I know the boxes are in the rooms they are supposed to be in. Plus I'll have to unpack.

I still need to figure out something to do for DH's b'day on the 18th of this month too.

I'm feeling a bit worn out but I'm sure that's just temporary.
Hope everyone is having a good holiday season.


Blogger kirabug said...

Ask for gift cards. Lowe's, Home Depot, Target, wherever you buy drapes, furniture stores, the whole ball of wax. That way you get the gifts now, but the stuff you need later :)

11:58 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Whoa, stop. Did you get the house you were talking about last week?!

12:04 PM  

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