Monday, January 07, 2008

Riley Grayson Zimmerman is HERE!

I finally had my little one and we came home from the hospital today.

There are a few pictures that can be seen here:
that were taken by the hospital. I will have more to share later once I'm a little more able to get up and around.

He arrived via emergency c-section on 1/3/2008 at 5:20pm. He weighed 6lbs 8ozs and was 18 inches long.

Apparently while I was in being induced the first time, my OB doctor went under the knife herself for emergency gall bladder surgery and my case was transfered to an on call doctor and that was why I was sent home. The on call doctor didn't have the last two weeks of my medical history and hadn't seen the sharp decline in my health. When I went to see my regular doctor on on Wednesday 1/2/07, they were appalled that I wasn't in the hospital recovering from having the baby and they propmply sent me back to the hospital to have the baby. I went back into the hospital on 1/2 and they started up the inducement procedure again at around 4pm. After about 24 hours of inducement, I started having sever pain in my upper right abdomen. About 45 minutes after that, my upper abdomen started to swell and distend. This prompted everyone into action. The doctors pushed very hard for me to get the epidural that I had refused in order to do the c-section and they made enough valid medical points in favor of the baby that I finally agreed to it. 4 stabs later, they got the epidural in place and we started in on our way to the main O.R. instead of the c-section O.R. in case my liver had ruptured again so they could perform that surgery as well without moving me. We all piled off the elevator on the second floor and started in on direction only to have someone say that we got off on the wrong floor. We piled back on to the elevator and before the doors closed another person said, no this is the right floor, we just went the wrong way. Everyone came back out of the elevator and started off. Mom and DH were then seperated from me and DH was told they would come get him once I was prepped for the c-section. I was taken to the O.R. where there was an ultrasound waiting. They checked the baby first and he was fine and then they took a look at my liver and upper abdomen and couldn't find any signs of bleeding. My doctor prepped me for c-section and told one of the nurses to go and get DH only to be told by the nurse that he would not be allowed in the main O.R. like he would have been in the c-section O.R. My doctor responded by pinching me to see if I was numb yet only to be told that I hadn't been given anything through the epidural yes. 4 doses through the epidural and 4 pinches later I was not numb at all so they put me under anyway since the epidural wouldn't take. I woke up and was transfered to a room and shown the baby about 9:30pm. I still had the big grin on my face that I had the moment I woke up in recovery and was told the baby was okay. I woke to find my child was healthy and I was alive since I was awake so the best of everything had happened as far as I was concerned. The general concensus is that the repeated contractions from 4 days had stretched and pulled the internal scar tissue around my liver and irritated it causing it to swell and cause severe pain. Once the C-section was done and the contractions stopped the swelling went down and I was okay and only needed the c-section and tubal to prevent further pregnancies.

I'm glad to be home. We have to keep Riley on a Billy light because he became more jaundiced than they wanted to see. He doesn't like laying on the light and I can't say that I blame him. The thing dosen't look all that comfortable. I'll be taking him to the doctor daily until is billirubin levels are down and he can be taken off the light. I have to go my doctor later this week too so that I can get my blood pressure levels checked since they haven't gone back done. I also have to follow up with a gastro speciallist for my liver in 3-4 weeks. I'm on bed rest until they can get my blood pressure stabalized but I'm happy to be home with the litttle guy in tow. You guys are welcome to call my cell and welcome to come by as long as you call first to make sure we are at home and not at the doctor. I welcome visitors since I can't go anywhere for a while.

Talk to everyone soon.


Blogger Elfinlady said...

I looked at his pictures, and he is a cute baby! I'm glad he's here safely and you're both okay.

6:51 PM  
Blogger kirabug said...

I am so incredibly glad that you and Justin and Riley are OK and home :) Congratulations!!

8:14 PM  
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Blogger Medieval Needle said...

Congrats!!! I'm so glad that both of you are doing well.

9:40 AM  

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