Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I tried to get the kid out

The amnio showed that the kid's lungs were fine so I went into the hospital on Thursday and started my inducement at 4pm.

Friday at 4pm I was still 1cm.

Saturday at 4pm I was still 1cm and the doctor that came in was the on call doctor and not my regular doctor. When I started asking about my options and what they were going to do she basically in a round about way that she wouldn't do a c-section cause it was elective and she didn't do elective surgeries and that she didn't understand why I was being induced and risking my premature baby anyway so she couldn't justify a c-section but she would continue the inducement since that's what I wanted.

Sunday at 4pm I was still 1cm and the on call doctor came in and told that they were going to take me off the meds for a while so that I could shower and walk for a bit and then they would start again. I got up and showered and tried walking around but my feet were so swollen that they were starting to pit so walking was more painful than contractions. I got back to the room and waited and waited and waited and finally at 7pm I called the nurse and asked why my medications hadn't been started again. The nurse came in and let me know that they didn't feel I should be put back on medication because the inducement was obviously not working and they felt the best course of action was to admit me overnight for observation and if everything looked fine in the morning I could go home and see my normal doctor on Wednesday.

When they came in to the room yesterday to tell me I could go home, they told me to increase my blood pressure meds to 3 times a day and see me normal doctor on Wednesday and I asked them if MY doctor told me to increase the meds cause I had been told not to previously because it might endanger the baby. They couldn't tell me which doctor had given the order cause they had spoken to them on the phone.

I now sit here at home madder than a wet hen about going through contractions every 3-5 minutes for 3 days and then being sent home without a child and told to increase meds that I was previously told could hurt my child. I'm not increasing the meds. I am going to see my doctor tomorrow at 11am and I am going to vent about what happened and if I don't get answers that make sense I will be trying to find another OBG to finish out this pregnancy. Erin... I may need the name of your doctor.

During all this, my dad had to go to the doctor as well and they sent him to the hospital for testing and have discovered that he's in the early signs of emphazema. He's been put on 2 inhalers and a steroid and he's been told to stop smoking. Maybe he'll actually listen now and stop smoking 3 and 4 packs of cigarettes a day.

That's were I stand. I'm home. Worried about the tumor in my liver splitting my liver before I get back to the doctor. Worried about having to have a c-section when I didn't really want one. Worried about the baby being hurt by my high blood pressure. Worried about all this swelling going down in my hands and feet. Worried about having to find a new doctor in my 8th month of pregnancy. Mad at having gone through all this over the holiday weekend for nothing.

Hope everyone is having a good new year! Hopefully this year will be better for everyone than the last year.


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Blogger Erin said...

I'd be spitting mad, too! I agree with not upping the meds until you hear from your own doctor, especially after what you were told about potential harm to the baby. High blood pressure is really more dangerous for you than the baby; from a baby standpoint, I'd be more worried about the meds being too high. (Of course, you stroking out from too high BP would be bad for baby, too.) I know you don't want one, but a c-section is better than a sick infant or a brain-damaged mama. And my doctor's name is Stephanie Carmichael. 755 Commerce Dr Ste 300; Decatur, GA 30030; Phone 404- 593-2739

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I'd be really mad too! It sounds like the whole thing was mismanaged from beginning to end. I hope you get to see your doctor soon, and that baby safely arrives!

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