Thursday, November 08, 2007

Baby Showers

Every baby shower that I have ever been to has really been more about advice, laughter and visiting with a few small gifts from people. This was my expectation of what mine would be like as well. DH's office threw him a shower today. When he went through the list of what they had bought, I realized that these people had spent over $800 on this. I'm floored. The baby's room is also set for furniture with no problem now.

We went a little nuts on the registry cause we knew we didn't have anything and we did put some really expensive stuff on there like the stroller/car seat combo and the high chair. I didn't expect to get these things as gifts, I put them on there because I knew we would need them and this would help me remember which one we had wanted.

I have to write out a bunch of thank you notes and make some goodies for him to take to work to say thank you. I'm just floored with all the trouble they went through for this when they don't even know me. They do know DH though and they do like him at work so I guess that is where all the trouble came in. We'll also get to reciprocate a little bit since his boss' wife is also pregnant and the girl in HR is also pregnant.

Not much going on with me. I went through the test for gestational diabetes and I'll find out if I have that sometime this week.

I'm still working away on Fish City but the work has slowed down since I'm so tired and not staying up as late as I'm used to. We have decided on just painting the room and putting up fish cut out wallpaper. I have to order the wallpaper stickies and go buy the paint friday night so we can paint the room this weekend and set up the crib and everything.


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